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Guidelines for Contributors to the European Journal for Nursing History and Ethics

1. General Information

The European Journal for Nursing History and Ethics is an interdisciplinary Open Access eJournal spanning the Humanities, Nursing Science, Social Sciences, and Cultural Studies. The journal creates a dialogue between the history and the ethics of nursing while providing new impulses for advancing the subfields of the history as well as the ethics of nursing.

Historians are asked to include the ethical dimension of the topic into their research project; researchers interested in ethics are requested to reflect on the historical dimensions of their projects. This does not mean, however, that articles on ethics should be preceded by a historical overview in the style of a manual. Rather the latest developments and socio-political debates that have led to the current issues in the ethics of nursing should be put in their historical context and be used in the analysis. Likewise papers on the history of nursing should address ethical questions within the historical context or refer to current issues in the ethics of nursing. The journal publishes original research both on European History and the history of the reciprocal relationships and entanglements of European and non-European societies.

The journal appears once a year with each edition having a themed section and an open section that contains articles on various topics. In addition, the sections “Forum” and “Lost and Found” offer the opportunity to publish shorter articles on current debates or to present remarkable objects, texts, pictures or movies with relevance to nursing history and ethics and to discuss their significance.

2. General Requirements

The articles can initially be submitted in a language other than English if we have at least two qualified reviewers available. Please contact Karen Nolte or Susanne Kreutzer before any non-English submission (contact below). After successful peer review and revision of the manuscript the article must be translated into English at the expense of the contributor. The article can be published in both languages.

The articles for the themed and open sections include up to 55.000 characters includ-ing spaces, footnotes, references and additional information. Articles for the section „Lost and Found“ have max. 30.000 characters, articles for the section “Forum” up to 15.000 characters.

Please avoid excessive formatting (i.e. Bold or italic fonts etc).

Please use the Times New Roman typeface 12 point for the main text and 10 point for footnotes. Please use a line spacing of 1.5 for the main text and single spacing for footnotes.

For each article, we additionally require:

  1. an abstract (up to 1.200 characters) and
  2. up to six keywords


In a separate document provide the following information: The title of the paper, the name(s) of the author(s), the author(s)’ present position(s), address(es), telephone and E-mail address(es).

Please submit your manuscript in Microsoft Word format, by email, to

3. Footnotes and annotations

Number footnotes in order, corresponding to the numbers in the text.

If a full sentence is quoted, footnote numbers should follow the closing punctuation. If the footnote refers to the preceding word, it should directly follow it.

Annotations which give credit to literature or any other material used refer to the attached bibliography:

1 Brooks/Rafferty 2010, pp. 144–146.

Please do not use abbreviations such as “ibid” but rather repeat the previous reference.

4. Images/Figures/Tables

Images and tables should generally be integrated in the main text. Additionally, please provide a separate file with a reproducible version of tables and images.

If possible, please submit images in their original format (individual .jpg or .tiff file) with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. For complex figures we require a resolution of 1200 dpi. Furthermore, we require the caption and source, if applicable. Please check in advance the copyright status. The authors are responsible for obtaining the copyright.

If images and tables have not been placed in the text yet, clearly mark the intended position and space in the text. Images can only be reproduced in black and white.

During the type setting processes images will not be edited, hence images and tables must be submitted in the correct layout and sufficient quality for reproduction.
 The editors reserve the right not to use the submitted files depending on the quality for reproduction.

5. Bibliography

The bibliography should be appended to the end of the paper. Please refer only to the sources mentioned in the footnotes and annotations. Please include the full names of all authors or editors where known and list them in alphabetical order.

Publication that appeared in the same year must be organised alphabetically and marked with “a,” “b,” “c,” etc. respectively (Hallett/Fell 2013 a, p. 12).

Please use an en dash without a space to mark page ranges, e.g. pp. 113–128.

Please check internet links on their accuracy and functionality at the time of submission and, if applicable, before typesetting.

DOI (Digital Object Identifier)

If possible, please include for all publications listed in the references the respective DOI (if available). In CrossRef you can search your references automatically with the respective DOIs. Please click on the Simple Text Query Form under www.crossref.org or visit directly www.crossref.org/simpleTextQuery. In order to use the search function, you can register there under free account. Please copy your entire reference list of your article and paste it into the input field. Then please click on submit. You will receive your reference list with all DOI hits that CrossRef could find.


Single authored Books:


Nelson, Sioban: Say Little, Do Much. Nursing, Nuns, and Hospitals in the Nineteenth Century. Philadelphia 2001.


Co-authored Books:


Lynaugh, Joan E./Barbara L. Brush: American Nursing. From Hospitals to Health Systems. Malden, Mass./Oxford 1996.


Edited Books:


Fealy, Gerard M. (ed.): Care to Remember. Nursing and Midwifery in Ireland. Douglas Village, Cork 2005


Articles in edited volumes:


La Torre, Anna/Giancarlo Celeri Bellotti/Cecilia Sironi: A Sample of Italian Fascist Colonialism. Nursing and Medical Records in the Imperial War in Ethiopia (1935–36). In: Sweet, Helen/Sue Hawkins (ed.): Colonial Caring. A History of Colonial and Post-Colonial Nursing. Manchester 2015, pp. 169–187.


Journal/Magazine Articles:


Markkola, Pirjo: Promoting Faith and Welfare. The Deaconess Movement in Finland and Sweden, 1850–1930. In: Scandinavian Journal of History 25 (2000), 1–2, pp. 101–118.




Hähner-Rombach, Sylvelyn (ed.): Alltag in der Krankenpflege. Geschichte und Gegenwart/Everyday Nursing Life. Past and Present. (Medizin, Gesellschaft und Geschichte, 32). Stuttgart 2009.


Documents from archives:

Use the format:

Author: title, date resp. year, Archive, title of archival source, call number (according to the specifications of the archive)


Tennant, Mary Elisabeth: What Is Public Health Nursing?, 1935, Rockefeller Archive Center, RF, RG 1.1, Series 100 C, Box 38, Folder 342.


Online publication:


History of Nurse Anesthesia Practice https://sofia.medicalistes.fr/spip/IMG/pdf/history_of_nurse_anesthesia_practice.pdf, accessed August 4, 2020

6. Open Access

The European Journal for Nursing History and Ethics is published free of charge in Open Access.

All articles are licensed under the Creative-Commons-Lizenz CC BY-ND (Germany). The European Journal for Nursing History and Ethics holds the copyright for the articles; under this license individual articles may however freely be made available and copied in any media format if they are correctly cited with the full bibliographical information, including the place of first publication in the European Journal for Nursing History and Ethics. However, they may not be edited or changed.

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