About the Journal

The European Journal for Nursing History and Ethics (ENHE) is an interdisciplinary Open Access eJournal spanning the Humanities, Nursing Science, Social Sciences, and Cultural Studies. The journal creates a dialogue between the history and the ethics of nursing while providing new impulses for advancing the subfields of the history as well as the ethics of nursing.

Historians are asked to include the ethical dimension of the topic into their research project; it is desirable that researchers interested in ethics also reflect on the historical dimensions of their projects. This does not mean, however, that articles on ethics should be preceded by a historical overview in the style of a manual. Rather the latest developments and socio-political debates that have led to the current issues in the ethics of nursing should be put in their historical context and be used in the analysis. Likewise papers on the history of nursing should address ethical questions within the historical context or refer to current issues in the ethics of nursing. The linking of historical and ethical dimensions is desired in each article, but not a prerequisite for publication in ENHE. The journal publishes original research both on European History and the history of the reciprocal relationships and entanglements of European and non-European societies.

The journal appears once a year with each edition having a themed section and an open section that contains articles on various topics. In addition, the sections “Forum” and “Lost and Found” offer the opportunity to publish shorter articles on current debates or to present remarkable objects, texts, pictures or movies with relevance to nursing history and ethics and to discuss their significance.

The journal only publishes original contributions. The authors agree when submitting their script that their text has not already been submitted or published elsewhere.

Publication Policy

ENHE does not charge fees for publishing an article.

The fully open access publications are under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY-ND 4.0). To safeguard scientific quality, ENHE follows the recommendations of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). The articles are subjected to a double blind peer review process.

The author transfers all copyright and ownership of the article to European Journal for Nursing History and Ethics. Under the license CC BY-ND 4.0 the article may be made freely available and copied in any media format so long it is correctly cited with the full bibliographical information, including the place of first publication in the European Journal for Nursing History and Ethics. However, the article may not be edited or otherwise altered.