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Current Issue of European Journal for Nursing History and Ethics

Material Care Studies


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The first issue of the European Journal for Nursing History and Ethics focuses on a young and innovative field of nursing research: research on the objects of nursing, for which Lucia Artner and Isabel Atzl coined the term “Material Care Studies” in their leading article in this issue.

The “Practice Turn” in recent years has shifted the focus not only towards the practices of nursing but also its objects. The researchers investigate not only the function, materiality and production of these objects, they also attribute an independent activity to the objects and subsequently an influence on daily nursing activities and situations. The form, function and materiality of objects can also open up new perspectives towards nursing practices with their tasks and routines and the objects thus transform into significant historical sources.

Simultaneously, dealing with and using objects in nursing always also implies an ethical dimension in the relationship between nurse and patient: One might think of handling modesty and disgust when using instruments for emptying a patient’s bowels or of the implementation and daily management of a feeding tube for artificial feeding.

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