Vol. 3 (2021): Nursing: Traditions, Ruptures and Specialisations

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What does a suitcase with glass objects and a strange apparatus have to do with nursing history? The photo for the third issue of the European Journal for Nursing History and Ethics, illustrates a new section in our journal. Under ‘Lost & Found’, objects, texts, pictures or other material remains (e. g. vaccination certificates) relevant to nursing history can be presented and scientifically analysed. The objects in this issue originated in the context of outpatient care.

The articles for the main section of the issue are based on contributions from the International Conference on the History of Nursing organised by the Italian Nurses' Association/Nursing History Group in Florence, Italy, February 13–15, 2020. Selected other contributions have been added. Due to the very broad range of topics covered at the conference, this issue does not follow the usual organisation into themed and open sections.

Photo: © Sabine Schlegelmilch

Published: 2021-12-28